1. Teayra

    I dont use this exchange because has low volume, i choose use Binance, Kucoin, Poloniex and bitstamp . I more like trading ter exchange that has high volume so i can get better liquidity. But from other review of trader, Cryptopia is good exchange, you have to voeling their support and wait patiently so the customer support can solve your problem.

  2. pebbles4ver

    Cryptopia Exchange is now listed on CryptoChartIndex , Now you can get all information regarding Cryptopia Exchange on CryptoChartIndex!

  3. imcynthia

    16 days ago I sent an #ETN deposit from my wallet to Cryptopia, and has not yet bot credited. The same day I opened a support toegangsbewijs, no response so far. I created a thread ter the Cryptopia forum there are already 240 interactions with the same problem. Their only response wasgoed to say that it wasgoed the users fault, but my transaction wasgoed volmaakt and there is all the gegevens te the blockchain. Te my Twitter profile I am retweett users with the same problem. What to do? Wait a year?

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